Bulk De-Icing Rock Salt

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Lead time is 48-72 hours after placing order. A truckload is 25 tons.

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Bulk White- Traditional Bulk

Bulk White is an economic, reliable, ice-melter that can battle even the harshest winters. A state-of-the-art screening process means you get optimally sized crystals for exceptional melting performance. Plus, not only can Bulk White melt the ice and snow, it can also be used in icemakers and in coolers to quickly chill beverages and food.

Pricing by the Ton
$94.00 per ton

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Lightning Bulk

Lightning Bulk Melter

Lightning Bulk Salt Pre Wet, Liquid Treated Salt
  • Reduce Application Rates up to 5O%!
  • Quick 8urn and Long Lasting Residual Effect
  • Will Not Clump or Freeze at Low Temperature
  • Aqua Color for Improved Visual Spreading
Break Through Slippery Sidewalks with the Power of Lightning!

Pricing by the Ton
$114.00 per ton

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MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) available upon request

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